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K&T are a team of results orientated business trainers/advisers. In their various capacities as coaches, trainers and business people they have spent the past 20 years focussing their energy and experience on the diverse and continually changing challenges facing businesses and their employees.

Our customers benefit from the way we accompany and initiate (change) processes in personnel and organisational development. We provide professional support to business leaders to help them recognise, promote and develop their own potential as well as that of their colleagues.

Our Competences

Professional support of leaders in recognizing, promoting and unfolding of one's personality / potential and that of your employees.
For personnel and organisational development we offer the following:
  • Leadership training and developmentOpen or Close
    Leadership based on relationship management - Coaching
    Does your company ever ask itself what being the ideal business executive actually means and entails?

    Are you impressed by what such a genius seems to be capable of doing?

    Inspired by this, do you then go and craft your management guidelines and wonder why hardly anyone in the entire company is able to comply with these exaggerated demands?

    Does your company employ the wrong people or do you simply have the wrong answers?
  • Team developmentOpen or Close
    Workshop - Training - Coaching
    You are surely familiar with the saying:

    A chain is only ever as strong as its weakest link.

    If you apply this idiom to a team, you will quickly realise that it is vital for good team work to keep the strengths and weaknesses of the individual team players in good balance. If the different skills within the team can be successfully combined, it will inevitably be beneficial for the whole team's performance.
  • Conflict / CommunicationOpen or Close
    Successful conflict management based on fair communication
    Where people live together and have relationships with each other it is quite normal for conflicts to arise and for understanding and temporary harmony to develop soon after.

    "Conflict is a situation in which people's
    incompatible or opposing ambitions clash."
  • Workshop moderationOpen or Close
    K&T moderate your workshops, meetings etc.
    When you think back to one of your last meetings what do you remember thinking and feeling at the end of it?

    "Fantastic, the whole thing was concise and clearly structured, the right people were involved and we achieved the desired outcome in the agreed timeframe and even set up a binding plan of action (i.e. who does what for which purpose and for when?)."

    Or rather

    "Oh dear, that was another marathon session with endless debates about minor issues! As ever, factual priority issues were overshadowed by personal vanity, it is always the same guys talking and you get the feeling the others only turned up because they didn't want to drink coffee on their own. At the end, we adjourned our meeting with good, but vague intentions. Nothing ever changes. At least we didn't commit ourselves to anything."
  • CoachingOpen or Close
    A wholly individual approach and the key to success.
    Increasing levels of complexity, anonymity and technology in life make it more and more difficult for us all to stay physically fit and healthy and to live in harmony with our immediate environment.

    During our coaching sessions we establish positive behaviour patterns and try and break away from those potentially distracting and harmful patterns of thought and feelings. We also emphasise our strengths and consolidate our personalities.
  • Personality modelsOpen or Close
    Reflector Big Five Personality (RBFP)
    Constant changes and price pressures are putting many HR departments under increasing pressure to optimise their processes so they can support their staff in as individual and targeted a way as possible.

    To manage this successfully requires the use of effective and valid processes. These processes can then be used to set up a needs analysis to establish to what extent individual or collective development can take place and the amount of effort that will be necessary.
    Reflector Big Five Leadership (RBFL)
    In 2013 the Reflector Big Five Leadership tool, including an additional leadership role report, was introduced as an addendum to the RBFP as an aid to indicating which types of leadership role are most suited to your personality.

    The report outlines eight different types of leadership. Your personality traits are indicative of how you deal with different people and situations. The more your personality traits are suited to a particular leadership role the easier it is to display or develop certain behavioural characteristics which are important for that role.
    The workplace is made up of people from all walks of life coming together with a common goal. Sometimes the chemistry between colleagues works and at other times it does not which can often make cooperation difficult and zap a lot of energy. It is at this precise point that the DISC® assessment tool comes into its own because it focusses on aspects of behaviour, not on skills or personality.
    Persönlichkeitsprofil Insights Discovery®
    Get to know yourself better, be more in tune with others, become more aware of your personal modus operandi by applying the Insights Discovery personality profile. You can benefit from the personality profile on both a professional and personal level.
    Team Management Systems (TMS)
    Team Management Systems is a type indicator providing feedback about the preferred behavioural patterns of business leaders and team members at work and within the team. It provides details about working preferences in relation to communication, decision making, information and organisation. TMS supports you with the resources you need when configuring and developing new teams.
We work alongside those already responsible within your organisation to devise personnel development measures tailored to your specific needs and those of your customers.
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Core Competencies

From and for a practical perspective

K&T's approach is distinctly practice-orientated and we pride ourselves on the strong emphasis we place on "learning by doing" rather than on theoretical concepts. We use the dynamics of groups, conversations and conflicts and explain and reflect upon them. Study projects and role plays alternate with group and individual projects.

Technical/communicative relationships are explained using real life examples. This approach, in combination with systemic organisational development interventions and experiential teaching methods increases participants' understanding and enhances the success of our measures.
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Silvia Kaufhold
Managing Director, Trainer and Coach

"There is no such thing as "It won't work". It is simply a question of "Is it worth the effort?"
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